Discord will be the main form of communication among the participants, organizers, and teachers for FutureHacks 2021


The following policy is written to help create a friendly communication environment on the Discord server. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Be responsible for all actions on the Discord server

Every participant should always take responsibility for what he or she posts on the server. Be aware that all of the posts and/or messages are monitored for appropriate content. Please change the alias into real names. Any messages that are inappropriate or relate to illegal activities, including but not limited to pornographic images, guns, weapons, inappropriate language, threatening language, political slogans, drug, alcohol, racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks, are not permitted and subject to disciplinary action.


2. Respect others’ opinions, property, and time

All participants should try to be positive and encouraging. This Discord server is a place to have conversations and build connections. Cyberbullying is not allowed in the server, which includes intimidating or threatening persons, using another person’s log-in or password to send inappropriate messages and images, creating fake profiles of other persons, circulating offensive photos or videos, texting offensive messages, creating rumors or false information about persons. Participants need to be aware that “text channels” are created for big group conversations for the event use. If the post is not related to the hackathon event or not directed to everyone in the server, use private messages or “free-text-channel”. “Ghost pinging” is not allowed on the server.


3. Protect information and privacy

Plagiarism, being taking the program code written by another person and presenting it as your own, and copyright infringement are not allowed on the Discord server or anywhere else during the event, see more on our website. Any libraries/code snippets not written by a participant must be cited. While many programmers take ideas and concepts from others, direct copying of entire projects might lead to immediate disqualification. Participants should also reconsider before sharing personal details like address, date of birth, banking information, or other sensitive information.


4. Report problems and get help

Participants should report any disruptions to a positive digital environment on the Discord server. Common issues that should be reported are account impersonation, bullying, criminal activity, harassment, hate speech, inappropriate photos, spam, and violence. If participants believe that themselves or someone they know is being cyberbullied, report the behavior by telling the mods, parents/guardians, or trusted adults. If suspecting immediate danger, contact emergency hotlines.


❗Failure to comply with this policy may result in the offending participant’s disqualification, expulsion from the event and/or from future events.